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    IP cameras and their role in the protection of personal and public property  

    Physical security plays an important and central role in the protection of material property that represents a value. The concept of physical security may be linked to the process of direct or indirect control, so physical security differs from the concept of information security in the nature of the procedures used to ensure both concepts, although both complement each other. Because surveillance by the human eye cost time and effort, and in some cases may not achieve physical security as required, the cameras came as a human eye to assist in the live monitoring of any movements or sounds from the target locations.


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    Evolution of IP cameras

    Surveillance cameras have developed as the need is increased in most public or private places, so it is rare to find a company that does not use a camera to monitor the work or movements of some employees, whether internal or external control. Which helped to ignore and remove all the defects that were reducing the effectiveness of the monitoring process, and these defects: inaccuracy of the images taken or video you are recording, the opacity of the recorded clips, the stability of the camera in one direction only without all directions in the control of the place, Slow sending picture.


    The wireless or wired camera is called IP camerasTo represent a sophisticated technical model. It is an invisible observer that has the ability to monitor several areas including even the entire world without limitation. This type of camera has many advantages that make it a user in many places and important, and the most important features are the ease of installation and control settings less time and effort.


    Increasing importance:

    One of the most demanding requirements of any large or small organization, even at the level of houses or shops, is the physical security of all property belonging to it. Physical security is defined as "protecting the organization from actual access to theft of computers or stealing files, documents, records of importance to the organization, offering bribes or circumventing employees by disguising themselves." The importance of physical security is to address these threats with a number of measures and regulations Which the organization is taking to curb illegal entry. "


    Physical security officials come to the attention of any private or public organization with questions about: How can we ensure physical security, protect all property that affects its security, and the tasks and actions within it? How can we reduce the likelihood of attacks? What procedures are used to put obstacles and obstacles to prevent attackers from gaining unauthorized access?

    All these questions are determined by the identification of the actual protection devices to be used as a primary or complementary factor for physical security. Today's protection mechanisms are of great importance in ensuring physical security, reducing or minimizing potential attacks and thefts.


    What are cameras ( IP):

    IP CamerasAre: "Cameras use IP (The protocol used in the Internet, e-mail, the Web, etc.) to send images, data or control instructions via an Ethernet connection High speed. Surveillance is the primary and primary function of this type of camera, and is also called this type of cameras with network cameras, "because the camera depends on its work on the Internet.

    IP cameras work Within a LAN Or wide WAN network, Where the control system is connected and composed of several IP cameras Distributed across multiple network locations, allowing monitoring through computers connected to the Internet.

    This type of camera allows homeowners and businesses to see what the camera is recording from anywhere, anytime, using a computer connected to the Internet or using advanced 3G phones, allowing users to easily monitor their important property, regardless of where they are, Place the watch in an isolated room.

    IP surveillance software:

    The Network Video Program ( NVR)) Of the complementary programs of the monitoring client.The camera and the web browser through which remote monitoring is done are not alone; surveillance is not a requirement for them to be direct, but sometimes we need to store everything on the camera with the time and all important data and watch it later Having more than one camera watching multiple areas, it will be difficult for us to directly monitor all cameras simultaneously, and this is the basic function ofNVR).

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